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Everyone who ventures into the equity & commodity market hopes to become a successful trader. Samarth TechnoTrade Trainee Programme (TTP) is geared towards making you an outstanding and professional trader. At the end of our training programme, all participants become successful traders who understand the dynamic markets and trades expertly.

Commodity Trading remains an efficient means of making a good living. TTP takes you by hand through the programme till its fruition – when you start earning. Our training is second to none as we provide an unmatched learning environment, equipment, state-of-the-art tools and professional tutorials. All our trainees learn from experienced and strategic professional traders. During these training sessions, trainees will get to practicalize what is being taught.

We don’t just train to have traders who trade in a few markets. At the end of our TTP, all our trainees can trade in Global Markets, Stocks, Currencies, Commodities, and Indices. Our training is all you need!

Why choose us ?:

  • We provide our traders an environment that offers genuine educational and career opportunities
  • We don’t request for your trading capital however we may charge a one-time enrollment fee.
  • e are a transparent, decidedly team-oriented organisation. The engine we use to recruit, train and build teams of traders has been running since 2009.
  • We don’t believe in getting rich quick. Trading is diligent work, and just the individuals who are emphatically reasonable, decided, industrious and tireless survive
  • We are a straightforward, actively group arranged organization. The engine we use to enroll, train groups of traders has been running since 2009.

For further inquires please write us at info@samarthtechnotrade.com

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